This blog begins with “I. Introduction” and recounts more than six months driving around Perú in 2008.  It contains many photographs of a variety of places, many quite off the beaten track.   It used to begin with a slide show, but I noticed  recently that the show is no longer supported, and will contact wordpress about how to replace it.  In the meantime: please either go to the Introduction and read through at your leisure or, if you are interested in specific places, use the links below.

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Photographs from that journey are on show at the Branigan Cultural Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, from 7 June until the end of July, with an opening tonight, 7 June, from 5-7 p.m..   

Peru – Introduction

 Peru Post I: Lima, 11-21 April 2008

 Peru Post II – Lima -> Barranca > Trujillo

 Peru Post III: Trujillo / Huanchaco, 23-29 April

 Peru Post IV – Pacasmayo

 Peru Post V – Cajamarca

 Peru Post VI: Pacasmayo -> Pimental -> Piura

 Peru Post VII: Piura -> La Encantada -> Chulucanas

 Peru Post VIII: Chulucanas -> Huancabamba

 Peru Post IX: Huancabamba

 Peru Post X: Huancabamba to Jaen

 Peru Post XI: Jaen

 Peru Post XII: Jaen -> Tarapoto

 Peru Post XIII: Tarapoto

 Peru Post XIV: Tarapoto to Moyobamba

 Peru Post XV: Moyobamba to Jaen

 Peru Post XVI: Jaen to Gocta & Chachapoyas

 Peru Post XVII: Chachapoyas: Luya – Cruz Pata – Karajia

 Peru Post XVIII: Chachapoyas to Maria & Kuelap

 Peru Post XIX: Kuelap; Maria -> Leimebamba

 Peru Post XX: Leimebamba to Celendin

 Peru Post XXI: Celendin to Cajamarca

 Peru Post XXII: Pacasmayo -> Huancacho II

 Peru Post XXIII: Huanchaco -> Caraz

 Peru Post XXIV: Caraz & Laguna Paron

 Peru Post XXV: Caraz & Yungay

 Peru Post XXVI: Caraz – Laguna Llanganuco – Huaraz

 Peru Post XXVII: Huaraz -> Barranca -> Lima

 Peru Post XXVIII: Back in Lima

 PeruPost XXIX: Lima to Ica

 Peru Post XXX: Nazca

 Peru Post XXXI: Nazca to Arequipa – Puerto Inka

 Peru Post XXXII: Arequipa I: – from 20 June

 Peru Post XXXIII: Monasterio Santa Catalina

 Peru Post XXXIV: Arequipa to Chivay

 Peru Post XXXV: Canon de Colca, Cruz de Condor

 Peru Post XXXVI: Canon de Colca:

 Peru Post XXXVII: Canon de Colca -> Arequipa

 Peru Pst XXXVIII: Arequipa II

 Peru Post XXXIX: Arequipa -> Tacna

 Peru Post 40: Arica, Chile

 Peru Post 41: Arica – Putre – Lake Chungara

 Peru Post 42: Arica, Chile –> Arequipa

 Peru Post 43: Arequipa III

 Peru Post 44: Monasterio again

 Peru Post 45: Arequipa to Puno (Lake Titicaca)

 Peru Post 46: Puno & Uros

 Pery Post 47-A: Puno – Amantani – Taquile

 Peru Post 47-V: Uros – Amantani – Taquile

 Peru Post 47-C: Amantani – Taquile – Puno

 Peru Post 48: Puno to Cusco

 Peru Post 49: Cusco I; Pisac

 Peru Post 50: Cusco to Aqua Caliente

 Peru Post 51: Macchu Picchu I

 Peru Post 52: Macchu Picchu II; Arua Caliente -> Cusco

 Peru Post 53: Cusco II

 Peru Post 54: Puerto Maldonado

 Peru Post 55: Puerto Maldonado II

 Peru Post 56: Corto Maltes

 Peru Post 57: Puerto Maldonado to Cusco

 Peru Post 58: Cusco III

 Peru Post 59: Cusco to Arequipa

 Peru Post 61: Lima III


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