XXIV. Caraz & Laguna Paron

Caraz and Laguna Paron  1 June

[This section is “under construction” — that is, I’ve inserted some photos and will insert the text tomorrow, and integrate it with the photos.]
























































Travel Notes:



Other Points: Obviously Laguna Paron appealed to us a great deal.  For  more extensive photographic coverage of the peaks in this area, see The Sixthousanders of the Cordillera Blanca / Peru by Gerhard Feichtenschlager.   The text says that since 1984 he’s spent some months of each year in the Cordillera Blanca — and that was fifteen years as of the time he was preparing the book.  Lucky sonofabitch! Nice photography.   Somewhere I read that this area has the highest concentraton of 6,000+ meter peaks in Peru, or perhaps in South America, or perhaps in the world.  Too, it’s the highest mountain range in the world.  [Only the Himalayas are higher.]


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