Peru has seemed a magical place.  It has also seemed a place where we might settle, where we might find a place we could afford and enjoy.  A quiet place to write and photograph and paint and live.    This trip is exploration.  We do not know how long it will last or what we will find.  The “blog” — my first — is a way of sharing my observations and photographs with those of my friends and family and business associates and fellow travelers as may be sufficiently interested to glance at it now and then.  

      I invite comments, questions, or suggestions.   I’ve omitted from this version more specialized travel info — hotel and meal costs, recommendations, suggestions about roads, etc., but will respond to comments asking for more information of that sort.  [Too, for those planning to visit Peru, I recommend, which includes a useful forum in which both expats from other countries and Peruvians post.]  

      For those interested in other photos [no boring text!], including some from Iceland, China, and Tibet, as well as other work, feel free to take a look at

[Note: all photographs and text on these web-pages © 2008 Peter Goodman; all photos on the cafepress web-site © Peter Goodman]


One response to “Introduction

  1. Los felicito, y les agradezco este gran es-
    fuerzo. Las fotos muy buenas. Algunas
    muy hermosas.
    Sólo me gustaría que puedan mejorar la
    traducción al español. Porque quedaría
    Reconozco su gran trabajo. Y ojalá que
    continúen haciéndolo por todo el Perú.
    Muy cariñosamente, Rosalinda.

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